Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dear Regina...

Currently listening to and enjoying in splendor the gaiety that is

Regina Spektor.
Regina, Regina, Russian and Redheaded.
Her obvious talent for creating original and memorable sounds and melodies that are almost visual sets her afloat like multicolored driftwood, and makes her easily visible along a shore of ever changing musicality.
Through it all Regina remains constant, yet pleasingly mutable.

Her ability to explore new horizons and stay true to her disinct sound comes from her witty use of guttural pronunciation and seemingly synthesized repetition and beat. They combine to create a realm of music that cannot be fairly or fully described with words.
Not only is her sound original and refreshing but, more than that is life created in the verbal substance of her songs.

None of this, "i have a crush on a boy and imma sing bout it", or

"i broke up wit my cheating boyfraand and now imma cry bout it".

This is not to say that Regina doesn't sing about love, she does.
But she chooses to sing it far away and safe from the typical standpoint.
While Miley Cyrus (gag me), Lady Gaga (caca), and other countless "artists" fein originality with insane efforts to set themselves apart, they garble and yak their way through unintelligent and unfeeling strings of rhyming words.

Regina spinkles her work with musical images using clever phrases and ear-catching assonance and alliteration, never forgetting to grace us with a taste of her own heritage.

Whether it be a pounding piano, trembling tambourines, or tasteful a cappella Regina keeps us coming back for more.

REGINA gives us a chance to believe in music.
If you haven't heard her music

Stop whatever you are doing

Listen to it...
right now.


SuZeta said...

Listen girlie, you could do this for a living. Think about it. Critic. You are amazing at expressing yourself when you sit down to write about it and you know what you're talking about. I vote yes.

Long live Regina.

Hutchington Y. said...

The way you talk about Regina sounds like how I feel about Morrissey. On another note, I'm glad you stopped blogging in this multi-colored, changing font size way.

Yvonne said...

Funny thing, I found very pleasing to my eyes the multiple colors and changing fonts that you used. They kept me looking for more!!

Yvonne said...
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