Friday, June 11, 2010

Double Dippy

Life is fragile, like dippy eggs
some might call these eggs overeasy.
and "some" couldn't be more accurate in their description.

Take the process by which overeasy eggs are made:

The egg brakes with a swift crack against the edge of the kitchen counter,

Its slimey contents slide into the oily, heated pan, and you can only hope the yolk will land somewhere near the middle, at times it may need the help of a concerned and guiding finger.
A light rain of salt shaken over the top to support the cultivation of flavor.

Checking, periodically, to keep the dippy from un-dippifying.

Then the right moment comes.
Careful to fold the surrounding whiteness up around the yolk.
The defining moment approaches.
The time to flip.

In this one act, all prior care and preparation for this moment can all be set at naught.
In one fell swoop the yolk you tried so hard to protect will spill over like xanthous blood, thick and shining.

Dippy eggs. Not always an easy task.
But the sheer joy it brings to taste
It makes it all worth the trouble and care that the recipe calls for.

Who needs poptarts when you can have dippy eggs?
Sure, poptarts are quick, easy, cheap, but hardly ever fully satisfying.

Trying is hard.
Really trying is harder.

Who's to say you can't make dippy eggs?
You may well be a five star chef, and Poptart is a dirty word in your vocabulary.
What's a little dippy egg to stand in your way?

Your life is a dippy egg.
Over. Easy.

Over just that quickly.
How hard are you willing to try?

Sometimes your egg has two yolks
Double dippy eggs.

They're that much harder to make,
But you're that much happier as you eat your double dippy eggs.

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SuZeta said...

I love that you wrote a whole, beautifully-worded post about overeasy eggs. When will the entry on boiling water be? Remember when you were 15 and discovered that? :)