Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear life,
I am an avid and fully committed Gleek.
I just watched the season finale of Glee
aka my favorite show ever.
and I don't even watch t.v.
which would explain why I watched it today instead of yesterday, when it actually aired.
Hooray for Hulu!
The thing is, I just love a creepy, stalker sort of way.
I love Glee almost as much as I love peanutbutter.
And you must know that i LOVE peanutbutter.
There is nothing better.
And not just any peanutbutter, CHUNKY peanutbutter.
Go big, or go home.
I don't think anyone can really understand how deep this love really goes.
I have a routine I like to follow:

Go to the kitchen,
Pull out the jar of CHUNKY Jiff peanutbutter as well as a spoon and ziplock plastic baggy,
Proceed to spoon deliciously sensuous butter of lovely peanuts into the baggy,
Zip it closed, bite the corner open,
Sit and watch Glee whilst enjoying peanutbutter in a finger-friendly, mess-less fashion.
Yeah boy.

Bringing together two of the best things this life has to offer.

The senses slightly overwhemled by the magnitudinous of such an activity.
An Aural/Oral celebration ensues.

Love it, live it, breathe it.
Dare i say, attractive?


SavSki said...

Girl, you totally make my life complete :)

Katie said...

Dear Ruthness,

I love your guts, I hope your aware. Plus, your coolness just went up a gajillion points when I just went through your little playlist on the side of this blog. I love when I find out my friends like awesome bands :D Especially like Sia and Sondre Lerche and Feist!