Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Blue Moon

The Moon shines lightly, lowly

Soothes my haunted face

She leads me in, but slowly

Draws me close in cool embrace

Clouds linger round her courtyard

Waiting to hear her sigh

A tiny breath of sweetness

spreading softly across the sky

Day creatures sleeping soundly

recovering from the Sun.

While creatures of the night

take moonlight's path to run

Her halo glistens whitely

A gift from Cloud and Sky

The Lake stares back intently and never wonders why

Her beauty mesmerizes and chills to the bone

So lady-like and regally, she graces Earth's made throne

Leading by the ear she fills us all with quiet

From beneath her loving gaze we bathe in sleep and light

With cool hands She calms Earth's cracked and broken skin

heals the scars with white

and radiates delight.

1 comment:

a.l.p. said...

Ruth, you are such an eloquent and beautiful writer. I love everything you write! (: please don't ever stop writing.