Sunday, July 18, 2010

Burning Books

The other night

while watching a marathon of COMMUNITY with my brothers

we viewed a commercial for the Amazon Kindle...


I cannot begin to express how unlucky those buyers will be.

Pushing down books as if they're something from the past

something to be rehashed, replaced, and forgotten.

This instant gratification society is strangling our youth.

The coming generations seem to have no mind for the paper, wooden, homemade ways of life.

Their everything is shiny and metallic, digital and drab.

It all starts here.

We exchange quality for convenience and it is this aspect of our daily lives that defines our newfangled society.

Social networking nearly replaces eye-to-eye interaction

harvesting more and more socially inept youth.

Where are we leading our leaders-to-be?


Yet I find a ray of hope in places that truly know how to keep Life alive.

I've found a lovely bookstore and and antique shop too

both reeking of genuine quality and good old fashioned courtesy.

The smell alone will draw me back

again and again

In a world where one feels powerless to the sink-hole of a digital future

I find peace in the musty macrame of books

knotted together to keep our own hearts beating

finding homes within our chests

breathing in the scent of rest.

So buy your Kindle for a nifty way to read

but leave your books behind you

so we can collect what you thought you didn't need.


Yvonne said...

What is the name of this very special place?
Where is it?

rootypatooty said...

that's a secret...