Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Season's Sin

The Cloud's threadbare anthem rumbles low
He groans and grumbles, thrusting his chest across the sky
Attempting to shield us from the wrath of the Sun.

The Sun knows no mercy
The Sun beats down
The Day is downtrodden
and secretly frowns.

The gray of the Sky is covered in blue
The Sun proves his power as he drinks up the dew
Each blade of Grass can be heard crying
Wanting for moisture
they're drying and dying.

The Sun has no mercy
The Sun screams his heat
He won't be ignored and he will not retreat.

The Searing King of Summer
He seems to be singing but in fact is only slaying
the wee things that make effort to grow.

The Sun reaches far and lashes the lush,
setting the lonely Mountain aflame.
Creatures breathe slowly, frightened and hushed
each quietly, constantly praying.

but ALAS!

The Sun,
he rises, but also will fall!

Knocked from the Sky, Sun tumbles down
Grasping with outstretched fingers of purpley hues
Silent protesting of orange and blue.

Receding, retreating
Burning down the West
until the yellow Beast is extinguished.

Blackness comes as gray Sky darkens
a burial for a fallen King,
a funeral where creation sings.

In her misty Majesty
Moon rises in her Sky,
she shines down her frosty, white-lit smile
beginning her reign of riotous quiet.


SuZeta said...

That is really beautiful. Is that original??? Girl. You crazy.

chololo said...

I loved this!

rootypatooty said...

yeah it's original. it's been getting really hot in these parts and it's killing me slowly.
i need my WINTER!

fable writer said...

i know how you feel chica. and this is seriously the best poem i've ever read.