Thursday, July 15, 2010

Music feeds the Mouths of Starving Me

I just saw an advertisement for a concert.
Not just any concert.
Vampire Weekend.
I bit my lip and my eyes watered.

Now you might ask, what does this mean?
What can be read from such a reaction (aside from insanity)?

I can only conclude that I have long been deprived of the joy that is a Live Concert.

Many a concert have I missed for one reason or another:

Regina Spektor,
Tegan and Sara,
and Vampire Weekend themselves.
And it pains me deeply
it cuts me to the core.

This sort of activity is one that no one should find themselves deprived of.
Such a deprivation is almost sin.
Depravity, in fact.

And I don't mean just teens and young people
Everyone, young and

at this very moment my own parents journey to see
James Taylor and Carol King
in Concert.
and i cry...
Con-cert noun: [kon surt] (plural con-certs)
1. a public musical performance:
an event where an individual musician or group of musicians, e.g. a choir, band, or orchestra performs in front of an audience
2. Recreation:
Reborn in the dulcet tones of compositions and harmonies
Melodies and tunes
Bathe in song

Bathe in the sheer joy that comes from swimming in the sweat of strangers
and getting far too close too people you've never met, but not caring because you are connected
A pure connection.
Brought together in a common purpose
to sweat and sway in the splendor of MUSIC.

To hear the music you wiggle to in the privacy of your own bathroom resonating with so much life in your very own, and very personal, ears is simply euphoria.

Ears are, perhaps, the most personal part of a person's body.
On either side of your head they hang, and remind you of the joy that is in life.
From hearing the tears and laughter of people you love, to the melodic generosity of those you could only dream of meeting.
Your ears guide you through an aural world, filled with sharp pangs and soft hums
They work hard and they deserve to be rewarded.
Dote upon your ears,
Spoil them rotten
and instantaneously you will hear them repay you with an enthusiasm that will cause your taste buds to tickle
and the tiny hairs on your neck prickle

And I ask you,
Who needs food when there is MUSIC?

1 comment:

chololo said...

The concert was wonderful. And I remember it's you who mom and I thank for the Robert Cray concert, WOW a year ago!
Love you!