Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Florence and the Machine

"Cosmic Love"- Florence and the machine

Possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've encountered for some time. But the magic doesn't end there.
no no.
no where near over.
Her entire album entitled LUNGS
is leaking at the seams with fruit from the most Favored trees.
Florence, Dear Florence Welch

Instill in me a sense of wild.
The need to throw out my arms in blood pumping beat
Her Rock&Soul pounding through an unyielding pulse of drums
A voice that carries, that weighs like an elephant
yet leads lightly, like a feather
heats the winter in a single note
A pure and deep hole she digs,
one you won't need to climb out of
Wild and riotous yet true
like church on Sunday
the thrumming comfort of her mind mashing beats
a call to get up and dance.
Persuasion to move your mind,
your heart,
your limbs.

She begins her serenade subtly
then bursts through,
breaking down the door
before you even realized she was knocking.

You feel the sound
you feel it

* "...in [your] fists, in [your] feet,
in the hollows of [your] eyelids,
Shaking through [your] skull,
Through [your] spine,
And down through [your] ribs..."

She knows what she's talking about.

Do you know?
* "Blinding"- Florence +the Machine

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