Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So Darkness I Became

Don't I sleep well?

Waking at night panicked, and sweaty
And then I remember,
remember where I am.
Rising from twisted,
mangled sheets
My feet move to the floor.
Crossing to the open window,
I breathe in pungent air.
Such a stifling wind sighs hateful speeches,
Sends them swirling into view.
Sleepless and sinewy,
the tree roots cry out for relief.
Spider-less webs clamor for rest.
The sky is dark and menacing
Threatening to crush you in its obscurity.
Hunting for the Moon,
the stars,

at no avail.
Calm turns to calamity.
Left in the dark.
The Sun brings solemn morning,

still she is not found.

Moon that brings life,
and light,
and peace.

Shadowed faces,
peering through the night

In search.

Searching for the Lady of the Sky.

These leery nights
they wait and wonder
for winter.

1 comment:

Rae said...

i like you. and this. very interesting images came to mind. honestly, LOVE IT. please keep it coming.