Friday, September 17, 2010

Grafting Gums

Whose was the pink Jamba in the freezer?
It was for brett but you can eat it
ok thanks.

I'm hungry.
don't eat that, it has seeds in it.
But i'm hungry.
i'll buy you one of those peanutbutter things

am i allowed to bring a drink into class... in the Library?
i think you should be just fine.
ok thanks.

Will you make me some soup?
you like the noodles all slimey right?
....umm no.
oh ok.

Have you seen this before?
yeah but i didn't think it's that funny.
well i'm not crazy about Patricia Heaton but Brick is hilarious.
that kid is so awkward looking.
that's what makes it that much better.
why does he whisper stuff like that?
it soothes him heh heh

Sterling, why are you here?
why not?
i was just wondering
we went and bought food and stuff.

Homecoming is tomorrow.
tomorrow?? i better tell kayla.
what did she say?
she already knew...

Would you like Baby's Breath?
or Leather Leaf?
i need you to be a little decisive right now.

We need floral tape
and wire.
Mom wants those squishy water ball things.

Do we have beans?
some kids don't like wheat bread.
it's like the big fat greek wedding thing,
i wanted to be a blonde girl with a wonderbread sandwich.
it's probably a subconscious thing, like white is still better

Jelly legs,
jittery chest
new bumper

There are times in a person's life
when things become
for no reason at all.


for perfectly good reason,
such as being on pain killers.
but not even the intense ones
just the sort of baby ones

like Ibuprofen.

But even these little baby guys can haze life.

writing papers for college on Modern art
presenting your own emulation of such modern art
slurping down peanutbutter moo'd while classmates stare
eating food that's not really food
scarfing down Ramen like no one ever ate soup before
finding shows like The Middle and Community way funnier than ever before
getting into car accidents and being the only one in the car calm enough to take a nap
freezing your bum off in a grocery store
following your younger brother around said grocery store with glazed eyes and vest wrapped tight round your freezing body
just letting the other customers stare
flashing the multiple scabs and bruise from the doctor's careless application of the IV
just to freak them out.
that's what they get for staring.

so to some locals in a Smith's grocery
they had an encounter with a drug addict.
they'll tell their friends.

meanwhile, i suck down some more Jamba
and slurp up some more Ramen
and dream of real food.
i'll probably look at this later and wonder what in the world i was talking about...

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SuZeta said...

hahah I love your face.
I love the way your mind works and that you can express it in words. So funny.