Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Time to Thank the Rich Kids...

Let us graciously take this time to thank the rich kids.

Thanks for taking cool things and beating them with a prep stick,
making all the legit kids abandon their long loved styles.

thanks for making people feel like they were lame if they had knock offs of

when did Arab scarves become a social staple?
when the rich kids got their hands on them.

with each generation another style of dress is stolen, and made unbearably preppy by none other than...
the rich kids.


oh how life is changed by the whim of the rich kid

let's all wear fake glasses and pretend it's cool to be nerdy, geeky

but when we're met with the REAL geeks and nerds
we'll pretend we didn't see them...


Don't worry.

i don't ACTUALLY hate rich kids
it just kills me
when i wear my own glasses
with actual lenses
and an ACTUAL prescription
people poke my lenses, leaving greasy smudges from their lame fingers,
or they try to rip them off my face, to see for themselves,
whilst asking me if they're real...

OF course they are.

and i can't help but think that if it weren't for this Fake-Glasses-Fad,
i would have clean glasses more of the time
people would respect the lens...


but i guess i really do have to thank the rich kids
for declaring wearing bright colors, and mismatched clothes as Cool.

Because, since i was just a tyke I've been fashionably color blind.
A phrase i often heard from my fashion savvy older sister was,
"That clashes "
who said that wearing two different pairs of shoes was wrong?
i like

I guess without the rich kids
i wouldn't have won Best Dressed

so thanks, rich kids

thanks a lot

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