Thursday, September 30, 2010

Save me Not


My life is religious

spattered and speckled with God and Christ

and I would not have it any other way.

some say:
"Opinions based on religious affiliations should have no merit in a discussion about political propositions and/or supreme court rulings (roe vs. wade; the abortion bill). We have a division between church and state for a reason, and that ideal should be upheld when discussing such topics"

I Say:

I am in no way political in nature
Of course I have my views, 
but so does everyone else, and I am happy to let them.
It seems to me like most everyone I know can hardly wait for the chance to voice their opinion
which is fine and well
But it only continues to show me that my political views never seem to match anyone else's.
why fight with friends?

I am not a Liberal.

Pity me if you please,
That is your choice entirely.
But understand that I am not a sheltered little Mormon Girl who blindly follows a widely accepted political stand in this Happy Valley.

I know what I believe,
and Yes, much, if not all, of my views are affected by my religious beliefs.
and may I ask,
What is wrong with that?

I live with my mind every day
and it hasn't killed me yet.

I don't need to be saved by swooping liberal arguments
I respect your views and your beliefs
I'd appreciate it  if you'd begin respecting mine.

Thank you

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