Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Might You Be a Glass?

once i had a glass of milk
a glass of milk it was

it sat upon a sheet of silk
a silk that made the table buzz

once i had a glass of water
with ice floating throughout

i gave it to the neighbor's daughter
she grinned at me as she threw it out

once i had a glass of grape juice
fragrant and tasty, purple and deep

it stained my lips a hazy puce
and in my bowels it did creep

once i had a glass of lemonade
it sweated and wetted my napkin pink

i drank it in a lonesome glade
tangy on my tongue, it did sink

once i had an empty glass
it shivered, empty, in my grip

i knew not how it came to pass
into dehydration i did slip

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