Sunday, October 31, 2010

Page 104

I've been Published.
In a book of poems.
Found on page 104.
This is not that poem.

The night breathes out a deep blue thrill
Trees quiver at the breeze
The Moon shivers a silver halo
the stars wink into life
The sky spews clouds across her face
Her light shines through, cutted and pieced
stinging the night air.

Emerging from brick houses, prepared to take the night
Their eyes are wide and, even, bright, shining against the wind
dreams and nightmares pass them by, crunching leaves beneath their feet
They walk wetly, deftly, softly through the darkness,
breathing in a nightly veil
Noses cold and droopy eyed, they look up to the Moon
She smiles on them and laughs a sigh
They begin to drag their feet
Colors and creatures begin slowly to depart
The empty sidewalks whisper
And by moonlight they sleep.

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