Monday, October 11, 2010

The Rocking Horse

Inspired by a short story called The Rocking Horse Winner,
I wrote this poem during the class discussion
when I should have been paying attention/participating
(which i rarely did)
anyway, I rediscovered it this weekend
It doesn't actually have a whole ton to do with the story...
 sort of
I don't know,
if you've read it, you can decide.

A rocking horse point of view,
Innocence slightly askew.



Back and forth

Lulled away from you.

A rocking horse rocks back and forth,
It has no charted course
Though it moves, it stays in place
a smile upon a wooden face

It yearns to run
But cannot win the race

Poor, Poor rocking horse
you have no course
A path that merely teases you,
an empty gesture cuts you through.



Rocking horse.

As hard as you try,

As hard as you run

You journey will never have even begun.

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