Thursday, October 28, 2010

Treat Her Like Gold...

You first
Child, try and break
repeat for sake of life and time
Heartache and strife
between the lines of sublime and slime
it all comes, murky, dripping out
onto stony streets
where someone else can see
sea and here
to taste new sound
to feel new sight
to find the light-
-switch into modes of normalcy                                            

Ode to normalcy
letting us be who we want to be
and hiding who we ought to be
it's all simpler than simplicity
and everything will go on, peachy keen
through the sheen
of harsh, bright city light

waiting here
each burning word is stinging clear
clinging to the shedding skin
letting normalcy come undone
but who as won?
it's always won
it's always one
but who?

I'll confess to the intricacy of calamity
and all that therewith follows
If you'll confess to the heartbreak of normalcy
and all of it's hefty hollows
though it's afraid
it's a fleeting fear
for it cannot stay
can't stay here

you've learned to see
sea and here
so here, you hear:
you first
you first.

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