Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weeping Willow, won't you Wallow Louder?

I find myself walking
out on a ramble
careful not to catch on the branches and brambles
following a trail, green and withering
a long and twisted trail
with many bends
the roses they reach for me
saying they'll be friends
they smile and open with flowery flare
sprizting their frangrace into the air
they shiver and ruffle their velvety petals
a smell so sweet, it stings the nettles


i wonder...
what's to wonder?

There's a sea of ice
and i'm sinking under
they never told me the way to go
never warned me of the undertow

these purple mountains look like home
i look around, and i'm alone
though i'm awake, my mind was sleeping
around the bend, i strain to hear
but i hear the willow weeping
for he is lonely and, too, alone

there was a time, time long past
when i felt content to be alone
but here as i watch my willow weeping
to him i reach, to keep from sleeping
i am no longer on my own
neither of us is alone

this trail i walk, uneasily
the roses come and beckon me
but they have thorns
and i will bleed

from inside, i hear the thunder
and before my eyes the roses break
falling to pieces, falling asunder
moving about their velvety skins
their glittery blood oozes out from within

a lone raindrop falls from the sky
together we feel
together we cry
together we are
willow and i

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