Monday, November 22, 2010

We Will Go Outside, but We Will All be Fine

Got a present today!
 woot woot
And i know what you're thinking.

you:               "HU-what? A present? it's not even Christmas yet..."
me:                 but don't worry darling, it's not that kind.
                                    it's a birthday present.

you:              "A birthday present? but it's not your birthday...?"

me:              ahh yes, this i know, but it was my birthday. and that is what makes this present count!

Gifted to me by none other than Ashie Poo
 This particular gift proves to me that having a blog is somewhat useful. about a month ago, i posted about a band called Now, Now Every Children, and how i'd discovered their band buttons. This sparked a conversation between Ash and i. I'd previously made her a mixed CD featuring Now, Now, and she's enjoyed them as immensely as i had. I'd found a fan-made music video to a Now, Now song i'd never heard. I searched the Internet high and low for the EP it was featured on, but, alas, it was nowhere to be found. I told Ashley of my plight, and she sympathized. Little did i know that she would take the quest to find it into her heart as well as buying me the coveted buttons. She found the EP, ordered the buttons and as soon as they came she scuttled on over to my abode and presented them to me.


Item: Headband, complete with two felt roses and a feather.
(handmade by Ashley)

Item: Black Now, Now Every Children band button

Can you spot the Orange Now, Now button?

And of course the Neighbors EP from..... Now, Now!

Me sporting my NEW headband, black button, and orange button whilst holding glittering, purple nail varnish.
woot woot!

Oh.. and you can just pretend you don't see my fuchsia slipper socks...

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Angelica Dickson said...

Ruthie! i love your blog! :)
and your hair is getting so long its insane!
miss you!