Thursday, November 25, 2010

the G word

Even the starving and ungrateful know what Thanksgiving is. It's the liberation of feelings we often put aside.

It's the "full" in grateful. It's the holiday forgotten, hidden behind the bubbling clamor of goblins, ghosts, jolly

fat men and deer with red noses; it's doomed to be the "football" holiday.

Thanksgiving is the day when both fragrant smells and gratitude trickle out and combine with the cold, crisp air.

It's the feeling of lightness, of realizing all the things you have to be grateful for, the many things that you love,

and the comfort of knowing you have things to love; the warm, hearty gladness of having a place to belong.

Thanksgiving is the blessing you've forgotten all year. It's the nap after dinner; full and satisfied, warm to the core.
It's praying together and naming each feather of gratitude.

Thanksgiving is a rest for the restless, a warm hug to the lonely, and renewed hope for hopeless.

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