Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not This Heart

I have been making cookies like mad.
At the beginning of the week my brother brought home a ziplock bag full of cookie dough.
Sugar cookie dough.
I love sugar cookies.
It seems that everyone has a certain preference for chocolate-chip cookies.
Not my favorite. I mean, on rare occasion i'll eat one, but i never really have a hankering for chocolate-chip anything. It's too much for me, all that melty chocolate just overwhelms me.
Dear Maman prefers oatmeal raisin cookies, which i enjoy from time to time, but she is awfully picky about just which oatmeal raisin cookies meet the standard. I just made some, and i hope she likes them... you never know.

But as great as sugar cookies are, the real deal is with Peanutbutter cookies.
Possibly the world's greatest invention.
But Maman is allergic to dear peanutbuttter and so only i don't usually make them.

I think i'll go take some around.

that's an "R" written with cookies in the background.


Kayla said...

I need a cookie!

rootypatooty said...