Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snap Your Pretty Little Fingers

My Dear friend Hannah works as a Sercurity Guard at the BYU MOA
(Brigham Young University Museum of Art, for those of you who don't speak BYU-enese... aka: Me...)

And on this lovely Saturday, Kam and i decided to make a little trip down to see the NEW exhibit  featured at the MOA. The exhibition of Carl Bloch's work is a collection of pieces that are normally displayed in various churches. Included are five large altar paintings. Rather inspiring. I would encourage all who are able, to go and enjoy the marvelous and numerous paintings depicting Christ.

The MOA, in general, is filled with works to be admired. Such as Bill Owens' photography exhibition, Suburbia , which i quite enjoyed, though all Kam could comment on were how weird people looked back then.

But one that Kam and i, both, particularly enjoyed was an exhibition in the  Electronic Gallery called Healing , by Brian Knep.
I would recommend Healing for anyone who is entertained by mind boggling caused by things unknown. The work itself is simple in how it connects with viewers, but the work behind the art is quite the opposite.

All together the trip was tickling. Go to the MOA. It's worth your while. And best of all, it's FREE

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