Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tragic with a Capital "T"

I have been sitting on this post for a couple of weeks now.
I was a bit reluctant to publish it because i felt sort of weird and stalker-ish.
But i've set my own inhibitions aside because, i think, the purpose defeats how awkward it makes me seem.
i'm not sure what exactly to include, or how to organize this, but here goes.

I have a friend.
Her name is Kayla
she is a photographer masquerading as a nanny.
she takes photographs
and she takes them well
she takes them to places that i cannot see in my own head.
but when they come out of hers, i can appreciate them
with my eyes
and my heart.

When i look at her pictures i hear lines in my head.
and if i could write stories
i would hear them

This was the photo that caused a spark inside me and i decided to explore her albums.

Kayla's photo's, coupled with a few songs, (i hate to say inspired because is sounds so silly/cheesey) put me in a mind set that brought "stories" to my mind. and i wrote.
here it is:

This photo + Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait":

We used to wait
for the time to come when we would know
know what life was bringing.
What we would bring to life.
It seems strange, how we used to wait
we wasted time
just walking around.
Funny how something so small can keep your feet on the ground.
But what if that time never comes?
Everything has changed
While we sat and waited, it slipped away.
Quickly, quickly
The song ends faster
You were singing the words you didn't even know you knew.
And just like that the song had ended
and you're there walking
mumbling melodically
but the music is gone.

Can the music last?
we used to wait
and now we're screaming
desperately pleading for the music to reamain.

wait for it.

This photo+ "Let's Get Lost"- Bat for Lashes & Beck:

My Skin is cold and wild
I feel it bubbling inside me.
Glitter precedes the tears

I'm here in that place i've always known
a place where i know i can be
familiar and safe, never wanting
But for once i want confusion,
perhaps, even fear.
I want to be lost

Not to know where i am
even for one day,
or just for a night
to wander into everything
to discover the feeling

To turn in circles and not even realize it
To splendor in the unknown.
But will you come,
to be lost with me?

To forget where we know
and the places we've been,
the time of the day
the day of the week
the month of the year
To forget.
To be lost.

Let's get lost
you and i,
to find our way back to a place we'll remember.

Kayla has a talent, and I can say that I think it would be
Tragic with a capital "T"
 to overlook such things.

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