Monday, November 15, 2010

Village Hunger Style

When your Microwave busts up,
you go to RC Willey to buy a new one.

So Maman and i ventured out in search of quality appliances.

RC Willey is probably a favorite pass time.
You can walk around and touch things.
open them
close them
push the buttons
bounce, sit, lay on top of them.
So that's what i do.

We entered the kitchen appliance section of the store
and Mr. RC Willey Man followed us in.
After asking my mother questions, he peered down at his iphone, obviously entertained by something.
He did this many times.

This particular Mr. RC Willey Man seemed a bit preoccupied, perhaps harried by a long day of commission and simply seeking to ride out the remainder of the day.
He seemed a bit more casual than the other Mr.'s of RC Willey that milled around.

As he spoke, he let his head sort of roll back and his hand visited either side of his face on a regular basis.
As my mother deliberated, we walked about the area, surveying the possibilities.
Mr. RC Willey Man followed loosely.
But eventually, he realized she wasn't going to settle anytime soon, and stopped following.
Instead, he reverted to his computer and chair, stationed next to a bank of microwaves.
Maman phoned my father and i poked around,
opening and closing
pushing buttons
and watching the robots do what i told them.
From the corner of my eye, i saw Mr. RC Willey Man getting awfully chummy with that bank of microwaves. I shrugged it off and continued to play.

When Maman decided, we consulted Mr. RC Willey Man.
He, in turn, consulted his computer, and as he did, i made my way down the row of microwaves and
opened and closed
opened and closed
each door that i passed.
i tuned in and out of the conversation Maman and Mr. RC Willey spoke,
turning every now and then to look and them, and at one point i noticed a sort of twinge in his eye,
some sort of apprehension.
I opened the next microwave door to reveal an opened bag of pretzels stashed inside.
i let out a chuckle, but closed it just as quickly as I'd opened it.

Dear Mr. RC Willey,
Food and Drink are prohibited in the showroom,
but don't worry, your secret's safe with me

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