Friday, November 12, 2010

Yesterday's Lazy Cures Today's Crazy

i Love doom & gloom weather

when the clouds are dark and hanging low,
you can hardly see the mountains


the sun is nowhere to be seen.
the breeze is chilly and almost biting

your hands push to find the lowest spot in your pocket and your fingers huddle up for warmth

your nose is slightly numb, maybe even runny,
your eyes water as you blink against the wind
you get a touch of pink on your cheeks and the tip of your nose
the air tastes cold and crisp on your tongue
your teeth start to feel like ice
your ears feel tingly in a familiar, and, almost, friendly way.

you can hear the trees talking,
the leaves whispering away
They're talking to you
But what will you say?

yes, yes, yes.

that's my kind of day.

a day to spend with a scarf secured about my neck
is a beautiful one.

there's a certain air of foreboding as the sky frowns down at you
a breath of something menacing
or perhaps, even threatening
it makes me feel home,
even more, when i'm alone.

it's as though the world has taken my hand and decided to be dramatic right along with me


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Rae said...

luff this. and hush sound by the way. that girls voice is so unique. have you heard the song the artist by them?