Friday, December 10, 2010

For Me

It's exciting. I do projects.  Mostly craft type things. Though i'm not precisely the kind who would... or could.

(except none of that is what's exciting, forgive me if you feel you've been misled)

My dear mother used to pack my sister and i into her car and drive us to a place where paper-y things took place. A card-making class. We'd all sit down at the table, all the materials we would need were laid out on a dainty paper placemat. And there, the paper-craftiness would ensue. There was stamping, and gluing, scoring and folding, dabbing and smearing, and ultimately incomprehensible cute-ifying.
I stopped attending such classes when i broke down in whimpers and sighs (possibly tears).
i have since moved on to mediums far more forgiving than paper:


I've spent much time, that otherwise would have been idle, making bows and other such Hair Pretties.

She's so insanely cute, especially when wearing the bow i made her.

(This was actually made by one, Bobbi Muhlestein. I will post mine shortly)

But more recently i'd fallen to a creative rut concerning my bows. So i've moved from them.
But i still love my fabrics. so i stuck with them.

Some of you may recall these boots:
I Loved them dearly and wore them with vigor and tenacity, and i do mean vigor and tenacity.
but alas, rubber is not forever, especially when introduced to colder weather. They grew tired and cracked just enough to let water seep through the tops. I hadn't the heart to throw them away, nor replace them, so i decided instead to renovate them.

After mending and restoring, here is what they look like:

I was tickled with the result, and began to search high and low for other shoes that had long since been abandoned because i felt they had no personality.  

Off to the races again, pair two:

i am quite fond of my second creation and i am just itching to do more! i can feel a new happy coming on. A happy for shoe prettyness. (this coming from the girl who wears the same pair of shoes until they're no longer wear-able)



{m.e.g}.a.n ♥ said...

I love it. You are so creative :).

Katie said...

Looooooooooove them!!!!