Sunday, December 26, 2010

I can only conclude...

small secrets. like projects. that involve keyboard mouth organs. and guitars. and Kam. and me...
that would be the cd i recently finished recording.
a cd of covers. made specifically for gifting to friends for Christmas, considering the fact that i'm horrendously broke at the moment.

this particular collage of songs includes:

-Cosmic Love
-Dream On   (not aerosmith)
-First Love
-Good Ship Lollipop
-I am Not a Robot
-Don't Forget
-I'm Good, I'm Gone
-Stay Awake
-All I Want (feat. Kameron Muhlestein on guitar)
and the famous- Boats & Birds feat. Ashley Fairbourne

If you'd like to hear the songs, you can check them out here

ALSO, you can click "like" when you get there :)

i do hope to record my own songs once i have fine tuned them and perhaps sell a cd?



Angelica Dickson said...

i think your amazing and would totally buy a cd if you made one!!! :) :) love you ruthie von!

Yvonne said...

I would love to hear you singing something that came out of your heart and thoughts, I am sure it would be great.
If you do it they will buy :)