Monday, December 27, 2010

I have a slight headache. Let's go ahead and attribute that to lack of sleep

Yesterday was the last Sunday of this year. Tomorrow's Pappy's birthday, the big 45. Woot! and then before i can even get my head wrapped around that, it'll be the new year. And i'll have lost a few nursery kids to the primary. Yay, they're making big steps and being big now...but i'll miss them. they tend to be the ones who actually know what i'm saying, and they listen to me, and you can carry on a sort of conversation in 30 second increments. They've got the routine down pat: playtime, cleanup, snacks, lesson and singing. But they do tend to eat the most food, and get restless while waiting for all the younger kids to finish. Sometimes they're louder, or they get sick of waiting for the other kids to respond to the clean up song so they might snatch toys from other kids in their efforts to help. But they've gotten bigger, and they've learned, they've grown, they're not as sticky or stinky as they used to be, and they are moving on. but they've left their little fingerprints on my life, and i love them.

So here's to:

-and Brooklyn

oh and p.s. it's way too bright out here for my taste

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