Friday, December 31, 2010

Tell a Story

two words:

Isaac Russell

We had math class together sophomore year and it was then that i was first introduced to a tidbit of his music. i liked it. There was something engaging about it that i couldn't quite understand, a bit of a mystery, something to solve. And i wondered, but wonder was as far as i ventured. Only recently did i delve further into the world of his sound.
His is a mellow and comforting kind of music. Sounds of warm smells and early morning slivers of sunlight. Reminiscent of sounds we all have within us: the beat of a heart, the pulse of blood, the soft fluttering of eyelashes, the melody of quietly exhaling. Isaac captures the forgotten beats of life with thrumming guitar, floating vocals and genuine lyrics.

It's something you should hear for yourself, go ahead.


Katrina Marie said...

I know exactly what you mean! I love his music! Trying to get all my roomies to listen to him too. I sure do love it!

Rae said...

house of cards is one of the most well-written songs i've ever heard. very clever references. i love the part on his new album with that same song after he says "but it tastes the same" and then the guitar just goes all... radical.

Katie said...

Ahhhhh, Isaac Russell. His music is beautiful, period.