Thursday, February 3, 2011

All Red- February 3rd

Today is for Hannah.
That's Hannah! and that other one... that's me.

And I bet you didn't even know, but today is her BIRTHDAY!


Yeah. That picture probably says too much about my grace in human interactions, but Hannah is my bud, and she accepts me no matter how socially inept I may be.

The story of Hannah goes something like this:

Sophomore year (dun, dun, dun):

Semester one, Hannah and I have p.e. together, but she has friends and I don't. I know her name, but we don't talk much.
Semester two, we have Foods 2 and seminary together. We are in the same kitchen group in foods, and we both have the atrocious Bro. Webb, so we both suffer in seminary. She sits by me in foods, and it's there that I become aware of her distaste for those who dare to chew ice near her (that makes her sound mean, but she wasn't). She cringes at my habit. I learn to recognize her brown ponytail and red sweatshirt in the halls, I yell "HELLO!" and she whispers a "Hi". As Michael (my only friend) and I make our way to our usual haunt for lunch, I observe Hannah tucked back in an alcove with her scriptures and lunch, by herself. Time and time again Michael and I pass her, and one day I ask her to come eat with us, but she politely declines.
In foods Hannah is, friendly, even talkative, she talks about Golf (she plays on the school team) and other things, but in seminary it's quite the opposite, and I begin to wonder why. One day, before Bro. Webb begins, I make my way over to her desk and ask her about her last Golf (game, meet?) and it's a bit harder than I thought it would be to get her talking, she looks up at me, then back down at her desk, and I can tell that's she's uncomfortable, so I let her finish answering my idiotic questions (I know nothing of Golf) and head back to my own desk. It goes on like that for the rest of the year.

Junior year (dun, dun, DAH):

Junior year is a bit more hazy chronologically than the other years, but here is what i remember. Semester one, Hannah has seminary the period after me, as I exit the building, she enters. One of the first days of school, seeing Hannah I delightedly shout her name across the lawn, much to my surprise, she turns to face me with a smile more radiant that I've seen, and she yells enthusiastically, "HI!" As I make my way to my next class I feel slightly shocked, but pleased. Later in the day, I enter Mrs. Swenson's English classroom to find a smiling Hannah sitting there. More times passes and through it we are cordial to each other. One bored Friday night, I find myself at Macey's with a few friends, making our way out from getting frozen yogurt, when we run into none other than HANNAH (and a few others). They, however, are up to no good, buying supplies for a soda bottle bomb! But we chat and they invite us to join them in their frivolity. We gladly accept, and the night is spent laughing, screaming and running.
Hannah and I are real friends after that. Then, later, madness occurs, and I find myself wandering the halls by myself and feeling more alone than ever, when I run into HANNAH (and Crazy Kim). I find refuge in Kim's constant chatter, whether it be about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie or something she heard on the news. They become my anchor, my friends.


Hannah MOVES! to the east end of the city, and TRANSFERS! to OREM high. bleh. Just when things were starting to look up. But Hannah and I stay close. And Kim and I walk the halls together, talking about Hannah, and sometimes to Hannah (over the phone) or in person (when Orem had long lunches, she would come and visit).

We planned preference, went to the festival of colors.

And I have come to realize that it wasn't until Hannah wasn't there for me to talk to everyday at school that I knew how much her friendship meant to me.
We talked about lots of things.
Hannah is a good listener. She always puts things in perspective for me, and she has this crazy wisdom that I will always be in awe of.

Senior year:

Though schools separate us, we stay more in touch than ever before.


Hannah is a big hit at BYU and everyone loves her. But she still makes time for lowly Crazy Kim and I.

I find myself at a loss of words when it comes to describing her. Hannah is my friend in a way that no one ever has been before, and no one can ever replace her. She inspires me, she supports me, she laughs at me, she knows how to be a real friend. Her whole family is so welcoming, and I love them all. Even Monte.

Just look at her. Who couldn't love that?

Happy Birthday Hannah, I love you.


Kayla said...

Awww:) This made me get shiver down the spine:)

Katrina Marie said...

Her family is great huh? I miss Hannah!