Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ashie Bum- February 9th

This is Ashley:

This is Me and Ashley:
her interpretation of us, that is.

I've known Ashley since she looked like this:
this is sixth grade, but I've know her since fourth...

We sing together:
we like it a lot.

Ash is super talented. She's an amazing singer; she plays guitar, piano, ukelele, and mandolin and she is insanely talented in all things art. 

Her painting of Twiggy that now hangs in the Fashion hall at Timpanogos:
So amazing. This picture doesn't even do it justice. You have to see it in person.

Body painting for Spirit Bowl 2010:

shoes she designed for a friend.

her day planner.

Cheetah makeup.

Zebra makeup.

wall mural for a bedroom.

She rocks all mediums. I wish I had more pictures of the stuff she's done. She's amazing. She's basically the best.  Ashley and I have always been friends, but it wasn't until the summer before our junior year that we really sparked. I had been planning to try out for the talent show that coming year, but I was distraught, searching for someone to do it with me (I don't do very well on my own). In a burst of inspiration, I asked Ashley and she agreed, saying she too had been considering such things. Well that inspiration is something I will always be grateful for, not only do our voices blend nicely together but it gave me the chance to get to know one of the best friends I've ever had.

She finally auditioned for choir:
This picture is hideous, but I've never had more fun in choir in all my life.

Choir Tour: Good times
 Sea World
Bucca de Beppo

I dunno if I could have survived it all without her. I don't think we ever stopped messing around. Everyone in Chamber knew we were not a force to be reckoned with. And that our constant insults only meant we really love each other.

She loves me so much that's she gets excited when she sees books like this:
Drowning Ruth: She thought it was an instruction manual.

She's a fellow Glee Lover:
Her Rachel Berry sweater.

She was So kind as to make this one for me:

Throughout our Senior year we had various classes together, and when things got boring she would entertain us both:
By drawing pictures of me

She is my favorite Dino:
a purple-haired Snow White.

She has this habit of talking in a baby voice. It's highly contagious, and before I know it,  I too am speaking baby, then people walk by and wonder what is wrong with us. You have to see us interact to really understand what we're like together. I'm not sure that I can really explain it. So if you don't know us, it's a shame because we're really funny. Or, at least, we think so.

 Festival of Colors

She's really good at staying calm when I'm almost dying. The song she wrote won for Prom song 2010; she went out and played it while I sat in a back room of the Thanksgiving Point Barn receiving a shot of benedryl. She came back as soon as she could to make sure I wasn't dead. What a great friend, and she didn't even make fun of me later when I was woozy and out of it, just sort of nodding off and waking up every five seconds while trying to carry on a conversation.
This was probably the most normal moment of the night.

Ashley always knows where the best, Thai, Indian, Chinese food is. She has great taste in music, and better taste in friends. She's legit, and I do love her. A lot, a lot. 

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awww :) roofie is my friendie forever :D