Saturday, February 5, 2011

Carolin Annabelle Kempolio- February 5th

This is Carrie:

Otherwise known as Carolin. Or further, Carolin Annabelle Kempolio. She is one person who can always put a smile on my face, but Carrie comes as a shock to most people. I know she was to me. I'm sure anyone who knows her would agree. 

Extremely flattering:

There she was, the youngest Beehive at girls camp, first-timer at Shalom. We had a grand total of thirteen girls that year (and every year after), we were all pretty tight knit. We' weren't the ward who played practical jokes, or tortured the first-years. And Carrie was a loud, in-your-face type. She was the first of her kind to enter our territory. I was unsure how to react at first, being so unlearned in the arts of sociability. It was my sister who really opened Carrie up as a possibility. I had no idea how to react to her, or what to say. She was unpredictable and that made me nervous. She started a water fight with my sister (who, it seemed, was the only person who spoke directly to Carrie, aside from the leaders), and Suzette was not afraid to soak little Carrie right back. By the end of the week Carrie was a Young Women's favorite. Sure, she was loud and constantly moving, but she was completely genuine. She hugged everyone, she loved everyone. She made everyone feel comfortable (aside from maybe Calix...). She made me feel comfortable.

We had a tradition:

I'd walk her home from church. Every Sunday. Like clockwork. For a long time, that's what we did. I told Carrie things I never bothered to tell anyone else, simply because she asked. Carrie asks the kind of questions most people tend to steer away from, but when she asks them, it doesn't seem nosey, or even pushy. Carrie has this crazy way of knowing exactly what to say to me. She's a secret keeper. I know that no matter what I say to her, she would never think less of me because of it, that she'd never make fun of me. Carrie is one person I've known that I can tell anything, it doesn't matter what it is. And she cares about what I have to say to her.

She's so lovely. Never change Carrie.
and yes those are my legs... whiter than the white girl.
How embarrassing.

These two girls happen to be two of my favorite girls:

Marie and Carrie are the cutest pair of best friends that I have ever seen. I always admired the way they were with each other, secretly wishing I had something like that. They are both so comfortable in their own space, in the the space they create together. It's always so much fun talking to them, and hanging out with them. They both make me laugh so hard.

Carrie's part of the family.
I don't know of a single member of my family who doesn't love Carrie. She just has that way with people. She makes everyone special. When your with her, you're a priority. I've never seen her blow off anyone. She just talks to you like you matter. She feels like family to me.

What a doll.

Hahaha I laugh every time I see this picture: 
She hates it, but it's one of my favorites.

Sadly, Carolin has left me for brighter days in California. I'm not sure if she realizes just how much I miss her, but I really do. I always have so much fun with her and I get a little bit teary just thinking that i don't know when I'll see her next. But I know that, as long as I call her Carolin, she knows I still love her. One of the most magnetic people I have ever met, and she still has plenty of pull on me. My buddy, my spastic friend. I really, really love you.

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Carolin Annabelle Kempolio said...

Dear Ruth,
That was the sweetest and most caring things someone has ever said about me. Reading it made me cry. I love you very much and miss you like crazy!! I miss you more now cause I know I will never have a friend like you here in California. Thank you for always being there for me and for loving me for who I am!! You have really inspired me with your testimony and you have really shown up for me in my life. Always being there for me, especially through the hard times!! I can't put it into words, other then this, but I love you!! <3