Friday, February 18, 2011

Come to mind...

I will always love Betsy (Elizabeth. It's still weird for me to think that's her real name. She's only Betsy.) It's weird to me how clearly I can remember certain events in Kindergarten, but they all include you. You were my First best friend, and a quirky one at that. For hiding fake treasure maps in your backyard and then unearthing them. For pronouncing Kyle and Chelsey married in the cubbies in kindergarten. For doing really lame science projects with me and mostly just eating all the Skittles we were supposed to use. For standing up to the girl who wouldn't be your friend if you were friends with me. For attacking Ana the week I was homesick from school because for a moment you thought she was me. For your old-fashioned spin-dial phone. For sleepovers in the playroom, for dress up with your aunt's platform sandals. For tickling me until it hurt, for always making me laugh, for making jokes that I didn't get, for the phones calls that always lasted hours. For always being so glad to see me, and for always smiling. 

I will always love Gina for getting me through the insanity that was jr. high school, for making it bearable and helping me have fun. For remembering me from Erin's 8th birthday party and being friends with me because of it. For the sleepovers and endless jokes, for letting your friends become my friends. For the deep chats, the stinky feet and the trips to Harmons. For Stud. Co. for making music with me. 

I will always love Kimi (Kimberlina) for being the one who would talk to either of my parents and convince them to let me out to play. For always sharing your poop cookies, for making faces when eating food that might possibly be tuna only to find out it's just chicken. For making macaroni and cheese for me to eat after arriving, soaking wet, at your house. For taking me with you to buy your first ballroom shoes and making me watch So You Think You Can Dance.

I will always love Lauren for thinking I was funny. For being one of the few people I felt I could always talk to, to me your room will always be what i imagine as a safe place. For dropping that book your dad gave you in the toilet by accident, and for not thinking I was gross when I dropped my retainer on the floor and then popped it back in. For wandering around the school late at night with me singing "Oh Huntington". For not making fun of me when I almost died of fright on the catwalk the night of battle of the bands. For Stud. Co. For loving old movies and watching them with me.

I will always love Teddy (same with Betsy, I could never call you by your first name) for being and absolute spaz and always being so much fun to be with. For running around in your living room at night blasting Kelly Clarkson's first cd with only a strobe light to see by. For making random videos in your room with your camera, for taking me with you to see Sahara. For wearing what you liked even when people made fun of you, for waving at the buses with me. For being an awesome Jack Skellington and a better David Bowie. For random trips to Crest and buying me Jones Soda. For East Shore-ing it up with me and talking like we'd never been apart. 

I will always love Chrisanne for being one of the best parts of the orange group, for saying I looked better in your jacket, for being a police man with me, for hoping my mom was really white and not just white-mexican, For pairing up with Katelyn and always making us laugh, for making plays so much fun.

I will always love Megan for loving me because you loved Suzette, for telling me whatever was on your mind about boys and not boys and then boys again. For sneaking out of play practice and getting food at your house. For always letting me chill with you and Molly at your house on early out days before we had practice again. For always just being so cute and happy.

I will always love Cortney for creeping me out in History class but still being friendly, for gushing about seeing Celine Dion. For hating certain History teachers as much as I did, for making Bobby Laubs and I do all the work at the food bank while you stood and talked at us. For driving like a maniac at Sadie's (stop racism), for freaking Andy out about the doorstep scene. For sleeping next to Laura and not me, for keeping my house key for a year. For being an aide the same period as me, walking around and eating poptarts. For icecream trips and meeting roomates. For trying really hard to make me love Justin Bieber, sorry but it's probably not happening. For having almost nothing in common with me other than being in the same place at the same time.

I will always love Devyn for scaring the crap out of me in math class sophomore year, for tearing off the plastic wrapping I tried so hard to keep on my eraser. For showing me your art and eventually becoming my friend. For always writing "learnt". For talking smack about English papers with me. For taking me on the scariest Space Center adventure ever. For talking with me in your cute car, for making fun of me everyday in science class until the point where I wanted to punch your face. For throwing tic-tacs down my shirt and never letting me forget how embarrassing it was while everyone watched me get them out. For letting Kam be in our lab group.

I will always love Erin for saying "I suppose" after everything anyone said when we were third grade. For looking so happy Open House Night the day before we would start jr. high (you were NOT happy). For loving pokemon and playing your gameboy with Kimi. For never laughing half-heartedly. For talking to me like it hadn't been a really long time since I'd seen you. For never being afraid to bark, and for looking like a raptor. For dancing awesome and not caring who was watching you. For being inexplicably Erin.

I will always love Heather for inventing Vaughzalez, for doing plays with me. For your dry humor and utter sarcasm. For doing Solo & Ensemble with me, for awkward moments at your house when your dad (my seminary teacher) walked in wearing real-people clothes. For being the world's greatest clogger.
For our insides jokes : 
"Do you have a stapler?" 
"Yeah! In my back pocket!" 
For looking at me like I was crazy when I asked you who sang the "California" song on the OC ads. For being scared when I attacked you at UVU.

I will always love Holly for being the friend that I only had to walk a minute or two to get to. For sneaking out of your window and then ringing the door bell to find your mother utterly confused. For finding magic rocks in your backyard. For having the red hair I'd always wanted. For your parents schemes to help you stop sucking your thumb. For moving away and becoming my pen pal.

I will always love Itzel for coming with me everywhere I went. For the two of us being cats for Halloween. For the people who would stop my mom in the grocery store and ask if we were twins. For playing imaginary games in my backyard. For living on Atlantis Dr (which we thought meant doctor). For your mom's bakery: Itzel. For using a whole box of bandaids when we were playing and then putting on the wax-paper back on them and putting them back in. For sitting on the sidewalk in front of your house, for letting me ride with you on your banana seat bike. For jumping on your trampoline, for letting me tell scary stories at your last birthday party before you moved. For walking around my block in robes and being flattered when the grandma lady next door said we looked pretty.

I will always love Jenny Benny for being surrounded by Brandon in Utah History, for imagining what it would be like to wear real disco balls as earrings. For loving my eyebrows, for sharing a Note-notebook with me filled with boy woes. For talking about BuzzBuzz and making messes in Ceramics. For laughing at the the crazy antics of Mr. Crow with me. For being crazy and funny. For gasping with surprise when I attacked you at Mountain View when I had summer school. For still being crazy awesome.

I will always love Jenessa for saying the weirdest things and making me laugh. For being the first person I had ever seen cough into your elbow instead of your hand. For swinging in your grandma's backyard, for eating popsicles in her front yard. For doing the knowledge bowl with me. For not choosing sides in dramatic friend disputes. For including me when your cousins were around. For being scared at the snipe hunt, even though we knew it was fake. For putting up with me.

I will always love Kyle for saying I could be the black Spice Girl, for telling me there were alligators in the canal and landing us in time-out for the rest of recess, for having Ms. Fishbowl as a teacher. For being just as good of friends with me in jr. High. For naming the trees at the front of the school and hugging them with me every friday. For the surprise birthday party your mom threw every year. For the times in TLC when I set stuff on fire by accident. For the Animal Lovers club, for having the best time at lunch during the Rivers trip. For the Laura/Kyle dynamic. For talking with me in the math pit of despair at ESHS.

I will always love Nadine for hating me at the beginning. For not being mad at me when I totally messed up our partner recitation of the Gettysburg Address. For being a total suck-up to every teacher in existence. For the times in Spanish class when you liked me and the times when you didn't and tried to take everyone else at our table away from me. For moments when only you and I were paying attention to people that walked past in the hallway ("Whoa!") and then laughing our heads off and letting Andrew, James and Ashley look at us like we were crazy. For testing Andrew's robot reflexes. For the spanish video. For walking around with me at lunch and telling me your woes. For when you call me randomly and talk about life. 

I will always love Michael for immediately being my friend because we recognized each other from jr. high. For staying my friend when everyone else stopped coming around. For buying lunch for me when I hadn't brought any. For making me listen to Under the Bridge over and over again. For putting fake money into the vending machines and getting real food. For your daily need for Butterfingers. For telling me weird things you did with your cousins. For walking around and asking people if they knew another word for epiphany. For racing me to Ashley's locker.  For seeing me walking and offering me a ride home even when we didn't hang out anymore.

I will always love Taylor for sticking her foot in my mouth by accident (Toe-a-la-Taylor). For thinking I was really funny. For being like Forest Gump and getting shot in the bum. For trick-or-treating and swimming parties, birthday parties and haunted houses. For the deep red carpet in your room. For making me watch Bring It On for the first time. For walking around Bonneville and Carlos' house. For taking us to your old house and being scared because it was dark and empty. For the boy drama. For being excited to see me at graduation practice.

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