Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cow-Hips- February 8th

This is Calix S. Robinson:
Daughter of Steve and Beckie
(The name Cow-hips comes from a long, and confusing story about someone getting her name wrong. I'm not even really sure how it goes, you'd have to ask her, but it stuck.)

I like to call her my close, personal hippie:
Plus her middle name is Sky. Hippie? I think so

She has the ability to simultaneously advertise saving trees while balancing two bags of shredded cheese on her head (she was on tip-toe. That's talent). She feels strongly about the environment and how to care for it. I listen to her and nod politely, but it's all kind of over my head. But I know enough not to leave my porch light on in the middle of the day when she can pass by and see it. 

Calix was my friend the second my family moved in:
I think we were maybe nine years old here haha babies

The 2nd ward had recently been split, leaving calix as the only girl in a primary class filled with boys. My gender immediately made me the best candidate for a friend. The first time Calix invited me over to her house to play, she ended up climbing on my back when I bent down to tie my shoe. She then proceeded to slap my rear-end yelling "Go horsey go!" I think I went home after that, but that event didn't keep me from returning the following day. 

We attended acting camp two summers in a row at The Hale Center Theater:

Not that either of us ever planned to act. But it was a way to spend some time:

We're close enough that she would dare to invite me along on a date and without ever mentioning to me that a date is what it is:
Stewart Falls
(Talk about an awkward third wheel)

We go to the library:
(but only to sit on the comfy chairs.
I'm only kidding. We can read.)

We don't discriminate when it comes to libraries:
(for those of you who don't  frequent libraries, that's Provo Library)

We go to highly unorganized, used bookstores that smell amazing:

We scour the lake for plants to make bouquets:
and then get eaten by mosquitos:

We love parks:
(in the Winter...

...and the Summer)

All my other friends love her:
Calix and Ian

Carson and Calix

Sometimes she buys maternity shirts without realizing it:
(and I never let her forget it.)

Sometimes she looks at me like this when I say slightly offensive things:

She loves that darn dog:
(Buddy and I have a mutual dislike for one another, but he started it.)

We like church things:
Ward Trunk or Treat 2004

Evening of Excellance 2005

Girl's camp 2010

She's secretly a cowboy

We get bored and take pictures through her hat

Salt lake for the Joseph Smith movie 2008
New Beginnings 2009
The Festival of Colors:


My 16th Birthday
I love her face in this picture. It's pretty great all around though. Carpool buddies, we were. She even signed up to be a teacher's aid in my Environmental Science class my junior year (her senior year) so that we had a class together in our high school careers. 

Smashed in a car going for pancakes:
Last Day of school 2008
(the only time Calix allows this much proximity)

We're utterly sarcastic:
BBQ 2009
As she once said "We are the sarcastic friends that few people understand, and the ones that do understand think we are even more crazy... P.S. you are not my friend." 

In short Calix and I have been friends forever, and it had better stay that way. I love her.

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