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e. -February 11th

This here is Ian:
e. Ian. Iany. Ianus.

Ian has been one of my best friends since the seventh grade; we had every other class together and on odd days we kind of got sick of seeing each other class after class. But we learned to deal with it, seeing how we spent even more time together over the next two years while serving our school on student council together.
we're the cool ones in the back.

I spent a whole lot of good time with those three.

Student Body Committee of '07

Ian and Holden, with me creeping in the background.

Ian and I have always had a unique way of understanding each other:
not the most flattering picture (apparently I have no flattering pictures), but this is eighth grade.

A relationship which I was constantly pestered about, either because someone thought we liked each other as more than friends, or because someone thought we truly hated each other. Spending so much time together working on council and just hanging out, sometimes the atmosphere got a bit hostile. I learned then that both Ian and I are rather stubborn, and no matter how much we could hate each other and get under each others skin, we always worked better together. I'm certain the only reason we didn't kill each other was because underneath the frequent animosity we really respected each other. When we had a problem, we didn't act like girls and avoid each other while gossiping about the other to anyone we came in contact with; we dealt with our issues maturely (especially for middle school children). I really think Ian is the only person I've ever told to his face that he was ticking me off. It usually played out something like this:

Enter classroom. Joke and laugh at one another. Begin work on coming project. Disagreement ensues. Harsh voicing of opinions. Further disagreeing. Mutual, yet tacit annoyance. Then sighs of obvious annoyance. Forge on with work.
(Spectators necks whip back and forth throughout.)

Ian: Hey, Ruth you were kind of being a brat this morning.

Me: Yeah, I know, I probably could have listened to your idea more openly than I did, but you were kind of being a pain about it.

Ian: Yeah, I know, I just get really excited sometimes.

Me: I know.
We continue to converse leaving our disagreement in the past.

Now, of course our disagreements weren't always so graceful, as they were a daily occurrence, but we did our best to be cordial. Even when were hanging out outside of school, we had our little tempests, fighting in the back seat of a cramped and steaming hot Geo-Metro; Ian thinking it was funny to throw himself, all sweaty from the heat, on me whenever we turned a corner. Yelling at each other the whole way to the theater, but the moment the movie started and we realized exactly how lame it was, we laughed as if our previous fight hadn't existed while we made fun of the movie together.

that's how cool we are.

Apparently Ian loves both Gina and having his picture taken.

Ian is really cool, one of my favorite people.
haha I love this kid.

Of course Ian would be the one to wear cords the day we were all supposed to wear jeans.
For crying out loud, even I wore the only pair of jeans I own that day (purchased specifically for the photos)

He's always been exactly who he is and no one else. He definitely stuck out from everyone else in our school. I think that's what made him so likable, why so many people could relate to him, why everyone loved him. He was real with people (still is). I learned a lot about myself from seeing Ian and the way he treated me. Out of everyone I knew in jr. high, Ian was the one person who never pressured me to be anything but myself. He never looked down on any of my interests or the things I did. After three full years of trying to be everyone else in elementary school, I ended up becoming friends with the one person who could really make me see how wrong I had been to hide who I was. No more trying to be the white-girl-next-door. I had always been more brown than white anyway, although not quite as brown as the brown kids. Believe me, they told me all the time. So in a time when I was stuck between not being white enough for the white kids, and not brown enough for the brown kids, Ian helped me, in his own way, to see that I really didn't need to be anything but me. And he was always there for me when I needed him.

Lu and Ian talking politics while we enjoyed delicious Gelato:
I don't usually participate, I just sit back and listen, hence the photo.

Apart from being one of the coolest kids I know, Ian has absolutely impeccable taste in music. I owe a lot of the music I love to him. He's always burning CDs for me. That's another thing I love about Ian, he's not one of those creepy weirdos who will do anything to keep you from loving the music he loves, or pretend that he's cooler than you because he knew a really awesome band/artist before you did. He's always so eager to share the love, the music.

I look back on these days with a smile on my face:
that's the face of a true leader.

Circle of Love.

I love these kids.

Even now, after three years of attending different high schools, growing and learning without being as near to each other as before, and with him living in Salt Lake, we still talk on a regular basis, swapping music and stories. And still, he encourages me to reach further and higher. I love this kid. We will be friends forever

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