Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kayla Nanny- February 10th

This is Kayla:

You may have noticed that this is not the first time I have blogged about kayla. That's because she's really good at this:

Kayla is the kind who loves to snap pictures for whatever reason, with purpose or without. I think it's nice. It makes it easy to remember good things and good times. Just another way to document life, but a better way to remember the face of it all. Kam hates it, but only because he's a baby about having his picture taken, but we three spend a good amount of time together, so he had better get over it. He gets back at Kayla in his own way. Like when he's the only one with an arm long enough to take the picture and include us all, he makes faces because Kayla can't see.

One of our trips to SLC

And for someone who takes so many pictures she doesn't really like having them taken if her:
this is her chastising me.

Kayla's also a preschool teacher and a nanny. In my phone she is Kayla Nanny, and i find myself referring to her that way in my head. Kayla's a talker, and she can go on and on, which is good because it seems the times when I just feel like listening she has more than enough to say. She tells me about her plans for photo shoots and the ideas she has in her head; it's highly entertaining. Kayla and I have had some good talks and some good times. Good thing her house is always well stocked with benadryl (she has two cats, and I die.)

We do strange things together:
Taking trips to Walmart, where we harass Chelsea the Wally employee while shopping for suppiles to make this:
Andy's gonna love us when he gets this.

Or fulfilling her lifelong dream of riding a pony:
even if I did have to force her to stay in line.

Or saving me from my allergic self:
pulling mewling kittens from a spidery window well.

And taking care of them so they don't die:
that's a baby kitty all wrapped in a towel.

And sometimes we do normal things:
like play games.

And take silly pictures:

Kayla's a crazy but that's how I like her. She's easy going and never uptight. She's always up for new things and cool with old things. I enjoy being her assistant and coming along on photo shoots; we hunt for cool things to use in pictures and sometimes end up in grimy little thrift stores that carry unsavory kinds of books:

And to me, Duck Pond will always make me think of Kayla:

Dear Kayla, though it's been a short time that we've really known each other it seems like forever to me, I for real love you.

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Kayla said...

Awww! I loves you too.
Lol I had never seen before the picture in the thirft store:)