Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Lovely Month

I read a post today written by a friend i had in jr. high and i really liked the idea she had.
i am not one to spout at the rooftops my love for people.

Things, of course, are another matter. I am more than willing to tell anyone who will listen about a song i'm newly sinking in, or about really great things like peanutbutter, or even my favorite funny tv shows/movies. And i can go on and on about how i LOVE them. to death.

but one thing you'll rarely find in abundance is my proclamation of love for people. In fact, more of time, i wake, lifting my head from the pillow, to realize how much i despise people, or really the idea of people. High school was probably the peak of this attitude of mine and it has only ebbed in the tiniest amount since.

so here my goal is: 

(inspired by my good friend Olivia) 
to blog every remaining day of February about someone i love.
i don't mean to say that i'll be getting mushy or anything, but just to acknowledge my true love for the people around me that, sometimes despite my better judgment, i ignore.

i do love.

right now i feel like the Grinch, whose heart was two sizes too small...

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Rae said...

I have a real issue with people as well. I look forward to reading your posts! They will most likely inspire me.