Sunday, February 6, 2011

Male Relatives- February 6th

Specifically, brothers, in this case.
My Brothers...
From youngest to oldest:
Sam, Brett, Danny

They have been known to play a little Halo.

This is how we hike:

I spend the grand majority of my life with these three males:
Suzette's usually off in Alaska or some adventure
so, there are times when I'm the only girl:

the beloved eldest

He's known me the longest, and he is oldest, but I'm taller. We once had a competition to see who could punch the other in the arm the hardest... I lost. And gained a rather tubular bruise. He's crazy nerdy, but awesome. He could tell you the life story of just about every comic book hero, and give a synopsis on each parallel universe as well. Don't mess. He likes my music, and trusts my judgement/taste in music (a rare thing, ladies and gentlemen). If he thinks something is funny he never laughs half-heartedly. Never. And he thinks EVERYTHING is funny (remember the Quizno's commercials with those freaky looking singing hamsters? I don't think I've ever seen him laugh harder.) He likes to laugh at his own punny jokes (which he makes almost as much as he breathes). He loves mustard and mayo. He's easy to get along with, and makes friends easily. He's the guy everyone likes. He calms me down when I'm going crazy. He believes in me.

the middle boy
Probably my favorite photo of us:

This would be the Brett of Brett's Blunders . He's practically famous. I've spent more time with him than any other sibling (besides when Sue-poo and I shared a room) We spent one year together in jr. high and high school, in addition to working together at New York Burrito and Sub Zero. He's the math/science type. He organizes obsessively (a lot like my dad), always determined. Brett is a good kid, for being so logical he's also sensitive. He has never failed to tell me he loves me, or just let me hug him and cry. He's more than understanding when I'm so distraught that I accidentally hit him in the face with my elbow, and we both just cry until we laugh. He drives me crazy, but I couldn't think of where I might be right now, were it not for him. He looks past my mood swings and signs of crazy long enough to realize when I need a hug. When his friends ask what's wrong with me, he just smiles and says "nothing". He has always walked two steps behind Danny, just waiting for what will happen next. He makes me laugh. He hates to have his picture taken, but every once in a while, he is willing to let me attack him.

the baby who's not-so-baby

Sam is a large, old soul. The tallest person in our family, and far more philosophical than any of us, too. Sam is my intellectual soulmate, we could talk about books and ideas forever. He listens to me when it comes to things like that. He's the youngest, the least experienced, but he knows more than anyone could guess just by looking at him. Sam reads dictionaries for fun. I'm not even kidding. For birthdays he receives various encyclopedias and books of facts. He likes to know who, what, when and where. He's the one with the imagination. He made stop-action movies with his favorite teddybear, Hobbes, when he was in elementary school. He makes up games, and things out of clay; he draws and writes stories. He has a grasp on words that I could never attempt to copy. He's got a blog of his own. He has this dry wit that catches everyone by surprise. He's the brother who doesn't mind taking picture after picture with me. 

The Brothers Gonzalez
These two are almost inseparable:
Partners in crime:

We Three:
I take turns being grouped with the younger two and the older two.
(I'm the same number of years apart from Brett and Suzette)
This picture always makes me wonder if I'm really that much weirder than Brett.

But these are the guys I see the most

Fantastic Four:

I love them, sometimes I'd rather think that I didn't, but I always do.

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Kayla said...

The Picture of you and Sam in the woods is the best Creeper picture EVER:) It's my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!