Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Originals- February 2nd

I love these two

a lot.
Ma and Da
When they were just kids. Like pappy's 'stach?

Often, I look around at everyone I see and wonder how it is that I came to be so... me.
and then I remember these guys:

Engagements: aww

I'm crazy, but only in the ways my parents taught me to be.
Mom gets a little tipsy after ten o'clock and suddenly everything is funny.
Dad will call you on the phone and then proceed to ask what you needed, insisting it was you who called him (oh dad).

My parents have taught me so much, by word and example and I can never truly express how much they mean to me. They've always believed in me, especially when I couldn't believe in myself. They sacrifice so much for me, to help me in everything that I do. They support me, love me, they taught me to do what I do best.

I've always been less than average in most everything I've tried, yet my parents did all they could to convince me otherwise. It wasn't until recently that I began to listen to all the good things they had been telling me all along.

They struggled with me as I learned to read, and then probably regretted it after so much money spent on books that now line every empty corner of my room. I love reading, writing, English and all the crazy crap that comes with it, yet i coasted through every English class I ever took, sometimes barely passing. At the first mention of the AP English tests, I rolled my eyes and sighed. I told them it wasn't worth it, that they'd be throwing their money away, only to to come out with a 5 and 4 on Language and Literature.  I plan to major in English.

My parents met in choir back in the old country (Mexico). Together, they crooned and lulled us to sleep all through my childhood. From the very first, singing was a family activity, something we did on a regular basis, whether it was in the car or at the park, in church or at home. And I'd always sung to myself, and my parents encouraged me to plow forward, but shy as I was and, at times, still am, I never could make myself do it. But as time has passed and I've explored my own space, I have done as they encouraged, though it's always easier when I know they believe in me. Far more than I believe in myself. 

These two mean more to me than anything I can imagine, my only regret is that I only listened to the words they'd given me all along when they were said by someone else.

I love you Moma and Pappy


Katrina Marie said...

I love this! So cute, oh and great job on the AP tests, I was too chicken to take those ones.

Yankee Girl said...

So sweet!

Yvonne said...

I love you my sweet girl!! If you look back you will be able to see that every single time that you have set yourself up to do something you had done it, even if we did not think you would succeed. Deep inside you believe in yourself as much as your dad and I do.
I love to hear you singing and I am glad that you have finally come out of your hiding places and sing all over the house!
Music (most of it) is great!! YOU HAVE A BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!

Hutch's Blog said...

You look just like your mom. So cute! And isn't it funny that we always take the words of our parents from somebody else?