Monday, February 7, 2011

Sab- February 7th

This is Sabrina:

I am almost exactly eight years her senior. She was born the October of my eighth year. And she happens to be my favorite cousin. We listen to music, and do crafts, we ride bikes, rollerblade, walk, run, roll down hills and laugh together. 
Life Before Sabrina:

I have cousins my age but they were boys, we played together when we were younger but then as we grew a little older they outgrew me; it wasn't as fun to play with girls. Sabrina came in at just the right time.

When she was younger I was more or less a babysitter, keeping an eye on her, making sure she wasn't eating chapstick or spitting her gum out on the carpet and then smooshing it in with her foot. Saby is the youngest with four brothers who would hang her upside down when she started to bite (she had an I'm-pretending-that-I'm-a-dog phase). As hard as my aunt tried to introduce her to the more soft and girly parts of life, it was evident that Sabrina spent a lot of time with boys. When she was about two she was playing in her room with a school bus full of squatty little Fisher Price figurines and her barbie convertible. I sat watching her play as she drove the cars when suddenly, she smashed the cars into each other again and again until almost every squatty rider was thrown from the bus. She went on to explain how they all died... Eventually, she had her pony/unicorn phase, which later morphed into kitten/puppy, and finally just an utter love for all animals.

When it happened that a cat (I'm horribly allergic) laid kittens in one of our window wells, Sabrina was dying to come and see them. She kept trying to convince me to keep them. For a long time now, animals have been her passion and she loves them all. She loves to care for strays and animals in her neighborhood, constantly reporting to me about all the animals she's cared for. She especially keeps a lookout for lonely animals. 

For a recent birthday she was given her own gerbil named Tessa:

Inspecting her hand when she suspected Tessa of taking a wee on her.

Sabrina plays the piano:

 She shares her knowledge with Sam:

Playing "Must Be Santa" at her Christmas Recital:

We attend a lot of wedding receptions and we keep it real:
Ingrid's Reception

Melissa's Reception

Melissa's again

Jessica's Reception


She's an expressive child.

There was a pond.

Sabrina also helps me out when I'm in a jam and have to throw together a project for Spanish class:

 I felt horrible because it was freezing, but she was a really good sport.

She wanted to try on my glasses:

 Her birthday Rootbeer ice-cream when I worked at Sub Zero:

 She likes to take silly pictures:

She also likes it when I straighten her mane:
Freshly Straightened:

She's very creative and she lets me read the comic strips she writes. She is always drawing:
sidewalk chalk rules

She may be small and lacking in years, but she is smarter than most people I talk to, perceptive and always understanding. She doesn't mind when I just drop in at her house. She never tires of talking to me and always has something to tell me, and it's always something more interesting than the last. She understands how my strange mind works, mainly because hers is funny too. She never makes fun of my clothes, or the music I listen to and she is always good for a walk in the park or running as fast as we can down a hill until we fall on our faces. She's my favorite cousin and I love her.


calix said...

Awww, precious!

susette said...

I love sabrina too :) ♥