Friday, February 4, 2011

Sister-February 4th

This is Suzette:

She is my sister. 
Can you see the resemblance?
posing with a lion on our trip to Sanfran: October 2010

When we were little, people always used to ask Maman if we were twins. REALLY?
We laugh, we fight, we steal each other's clothes. She's the only one in my family who constantly demands someone's attention. I always tell myself she should have tried cheerleading, or some other activity that may involve excited squealing and smiling to the point where it might pain one physically. She's good at that kind of thing. The minute I would pass through the doorway after walking home from school, she'd latch onto me and let out a peal of girlish giggles. She thinks my choice of dress is absurd, yet she always asks for my approval in hers before she walks out the door. Ours is a symbiotic relationship.

also from our trip to Sanfran

The difference in our height has been so ever since I hit the fifth grade:
I'm the "little" sister

We're more opposite than anyone could ever try to be, and I once told her that if we had not been born sisters, I doubt we would have ever been friends (she resents that statement to this day). She has always been the outgoing, ever effervescent one: loves to shop, loves to talk, loves to cuddle and be cuddled. In high school she did just about anything that crossed her mind: sports, dance, choir, and even student government. I tended to be the anti-social one, crouching through the hall- avoiding eye-contact at all costs. 

another from Sanfran.

Once, when asked, Maman described me as the girly-girl, and my sister as the tom-boy. Dear mother, Suzette may have a passion for football and love for the more physical sports, but that does not make her a tom-boy in the least (or me a girly-girl for that matter). This dress-wearing, make-up loving, boy crazy sister of mine does not mind getting her knees scraped, or her hands dirty, so perhaps this makes her a tom-girl. She completes both types in herself. I, the jeans-hating, no-makeup, boy-hater, (and the one who neither understands, nor cares to understand football) shall remain in limbo, neither girly, nor tom.

She tends to enjoy photos where she looks good and I look laughable:
outside the Manti Temple at night: October 2010

My fifteenth birthday: October 2006

So, then I choose to enjoy photos where I look normal and she looks laughable
rare as they may be
Squaw Peak November 2009

And together we enjoy photos where we both look laughable

Such as: 

And sometimes we can look cute
Utah Museum of Natural History 2006

and then not so much...

One of the last photos of us together for 18 months
October 2010: The day Sue left for the MTC

Suzette currently serves an LDS mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I write her a lot but she writes more. She's always been an example to me. With each coming letter her testimony seems to spill over more and more and I am so grateful for her and for the endless spirit she carries into my life. I love her always.

Little-known fact: She calls me pooh-head. Always. It's rare to hear my legal name from her lips.

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Rae said...

This is one of my favorite posts on your blog! Haha, and my sister and I call each other various nicknames containing 'poop' too. I don't think a lot of people realize it's a term of endearment haha