Tuesday, March 8, 2011

La Bella mas Fea vs. Ugly Betty


I feel like they melt my brain with unreasonable intrigue.

I remember one summer, I was probably nine or ten, when my sister and I followed the soap opera Passions. It was interesting and seemed normal, it seemed that all I had ever heard about soap operas may have been false.

So we watched... and watched.

We watched Ethan choose between Gwen and Theresa. Gwen loses her memory in  accident and disappears while Ethan finally chooses to be married to Theresa, only to be foiled again and again by everything and everyone who makes an appearance on the show.

Needless to say, we soon grew weary of such drama.

A few years later while flipping through the stations on another summer day, my sister and I ran across Passions again, only to find that Theresa was still desperately trying to land Ethan, while he had pretty much moved on... oh and some guy was stealing the Holy Grail so that he could "RULE THE WORLD" *cue maniacal laughter*  (my sister and I still quote that to each other sometimes, just for laughs, because it was completely ridiculous) Now that I think of it, that part may not have even been from Passions...but it was still ridiculous.

Now, Telenovelas are not soap operas.

They're WORSE.

Cheesier, hoochier and much more dramatic, and might I add, worse acting (if it's possible).
A number of years ago Maman fell victim to such a Mexican Telenovela called La Bella Mas Fea (meaning: The Most Beautiful Ugly Girl).

The story revolves around a homely girl named Betty who works as a secretary at an upscale modeling agency and falls in love with her hunk of a boss (not my words) and he eventually gets past her nasty face and falls for her too.

This program inspired, none other than, Ugly Betty (a new favorite of mine). Of course if you've seen Ugly Betty, you know that Betty isn't actually in love with her boss, which in my opinion makes it better. Sure the story is still dramatic and sometimes insane, BUT, the acting is better quality, the humor is something I understand, and I just love Betty. Of course Maman loves Betty too, just not the same one. She can't seem to understand my new love for this Betty, and I continue to be mystified by her love for the other.

Throughout the years, there have actually been many versions of Betty in many languages (most of which I don't understand).
Columbian Betty:

German Betty:

Greek Betty:

Dutch Betty:

Indian Betty:

Israeli Betty:

Russian Betty:

Spanish Betty:

Turkish Betty:

Mexican Betty (Maman's Betty):

And last, but not least, American Betty (but she's actually still Mexican):

Maybe it's just me, but I simply feel that there is something far more endearing about my Betty than all the others.

You can take your pick.


Anonymous said...

i wrote a paper on Betty for my Global Communication class, it was ok, but that thing you said about you and your mom loving different versions is VERY interesting! I might do some research on this issue, someday.

it's your cousin, Alivsi

(I watch Colombian -which is the original-, American and Mexican versions. The last one I liked it the least)

Mallory said...

I LOVE Ugly Betty!!!! that series is so great.