Friday, March 18, 2011

Love and Hugs

So I love it when people I don't even know TOTALLY make my day.

And I don't even use that phrase lightly. EVER.

So there I was, just burning my fingers on hot-glue (it's because I was making stuff, I don't actually enjoy that kind of thing...), when I decided to post my newest creations to my blog. But when arriving at my dashboard I decided to take the time to see who of those bloggers I follow had posted something new. And guess who had? Meg had.

I actually feel kind of weird referring to her that way because I don't actually know her (of most all the blogs I follow I know the author). But I stumbled across dear Megan's one day and found that I enjoyed it. She's witty and real and has a talent for photography, which I do enjoy immensely.

Who knew that she might possibly love me too?! Isn't it great?

P.S. if you have not already committed yourself to following her blog you may do it now. Click HERE


megan ann. said...

Haha, I checked Meg's blog today also and i did a double take. I was like oh my gosh... i think i know that person... i think that's ruthie! You're amazing ;).

Katie said...

AHHHH! No way! That's so cool! I stalk her blog too, haha! But I don't blame her, you're voice is gorgeous!

meg. said...

i have been listening to your music all day.
at work.
working out.
lounging in my room.
i even listened to you while i napped.

make more. soon. please.
you are just what i've been craving. i've been on a good music drought.

ps. you are oh so lovely.