Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sophisticated yet unassuming

I've always liked My Chemical Romance, they have good songs and weird songs and funny songs

And they're really intense

So I guess it makes sense that their fans are too.

And I'm not even talking about those people who are like,

                           "Oh My Chemical Romance, yeah they're cool. I like them."

I mean the hardcore fans. The ones who eat, live and breathe it.

There a bajillions of them and they are awesome.

And right now you're saying,

                        "And what's your point? Why are they so great? Why are you rambling?"

I'll tell you, son.

See this?

This is my gmail. Bombarded by messages from Youtube.

All these lovely youtubers were led my way by Grace Jeanette after she Posted me on her facebook page and Youtube channel.

A lovely young lady left a comment and interested me:
I followed her instructions and they led me to the MRC base. I signed up and then I saw what she had posted:

Then I posted it on my own:

This is when I decided that My Chemical Romance fans are the best people on earth. 

They are all insanely supportive. 

An army of awesome.

On Thursday, I had fifteen subscribers on Youtube. Now I have



Kayla said...

AH RUTH! One day you are going to be FAMOUSE!

Katie said...

Niiiiiice! Congrats! :)

Yvonne said...

I am not surprised that people that recognize talent would be passionate!!