Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet relief

I thought about using one of these "!" up there (in the title)     I feel like everything in parenthesis should be whispered...

but for some reason that little symbol seems to detract from how sweet the relief really is.


So maybe I'm not a giantastic fan of "!"  but I DO love "?" (they're the best).

But alright, okay, alright. What is so sweet?

I've been struggling since August to finish writing a song.

A song that I began writing because of another song I was writing that made reference to it.

Does that even make sense?

I was writing a song that made reference to a song that did not yet exist?

Well, no matter, because that is simply how it happened.

The point is, I was struggling.

Sometimes I do this thing where I start something from the middle instead of the beginning.

(I used to write stories that way, I hated the story board/web things. They felt confining. I just wanted to be FREE. But I always ended up with the middle of a story and I loved it so much that it killed me to have to go back and take all the tedious time to build up to the glorious middle I had created. Ask me how many stories I've ever finished, go ahead, ask.)

I would have been banging my head against the wall if it hadn't been for my fear that all of the picture frames would come crashing down on me, so instead I just sort of punched my own face and did a lot of huffy breaths. Eventually, I'd throw my notebook across the room and press my face against the window (it feels really nice, you should try it, very calming.)

But then, I finally came up with a beginning.

But I didn't want to put it at the beginning. I hated it there.

I was ready to abandon the song altogether, BUT today was my day off and I needed a legitimate activity to keep me from snacking on my nails. So I just went at it. Running full speed ahead with my eyes closed... and guess what?

I finished it.

And guess where I put the beginning?


What now son?


Maybe one day I'll tell you the story of this song....



Anonymous said...

The way you write is very entertaining. keep at it =)

Katie said...

Oh gosh, I know the feeling! Writing is such a pain/joy.

Yvonne said...

Fun way of putting it!! (I love these ones!!)
I hope to be able to read the story soon!!

Rae said...

1. I am not a fan of "!" either. But I think I've made that clear a few times on my blog.
2. I love starting stories in the middle. Sometimes the scene you're thinking of isn't the beginning of the story, but is smack dab in the middle!
3. I always hated it when my English teachers said that free-writing a story is not the correct way to write a story. What do they know?? Ugh... but I buckled down and wrote down a timeline for my half-written story... and I'm kind of disappointed that it's working. Huh.

Put the song up here so we can listen to it???