Friday, April 1, 2011

Ten things

1. I love nothing more than country music.

2. I am a very outgoing and friendly kind of person.

3. Crying is for babies, and even then it's too much.

4. If you've got a top 40 song stuck in your head, I probably do too.

5. In my spare time I teach myself to do things like yodeling.

6. I aspire to become a Nuclear Physicist.

7. I watch Ghost Whisperer like a demon.

8. I have a crazy green thumb. Give me a plant and I will make it grow, son.

9. Peas are the most delectable of the vegetable group.

10. I detest the sound of chewing on ice.

Oh hey guess what,

Got one more.

11. You are a fool.

An April, April fool.


Rae said...

Haha, I just went back and read them with this new light... I love that you included that you're a very "friendly and out-going person." Yeah, that's me too... *wink wink*

CarrieAnn said...

Hey Girl. you stole this from me!!! hahaha (: But that was funny!! <3 ya Ruthie (:

Yvonne said...

I started reading thinking you were talking about you, I continued reading thinking: "who is she talking about?"
You certainly fooled me!!