Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To and Fro

So there I was, just sitting.

Plucking away a song on my guitar.

When I stood up and told Brett we were going to Burt Murdock

He promptly turned off his video game and followed me out the door.

I perused.

and perused some more.

I pick up and played.

I debated.

I bought.

I'm in need of new shoes for work...

But instead a bought a ukulele...

You can call me Calvin.


Rae said...

By far one of the best buys I've ever made. so worth it.

Kayla said...

Now we will have to do another photoshoot! ;)

Calix said...

Um sounds familiar, I always hold off on things that I need to save my money and then impulsively buy whatever I want.