Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For a hurricane

Katrina requested this song.

I actually had the chords for this song, and I had decided not to do it.

I wasn't sure others would take kindly to my... revisions.

But for Katrina, I've done it.

So let's make a deal, eh?

If you hate it...

just don't tell me.

Cool beans.


Katrina Marie said...

Um, yay! I loved it, can I just say that? I really really liked it! I also really like that I was mentioned on your blog! Fo Rizzle! Thanks a bunch!

Rae said...

You gave me ice cream. You are both the best and a saint.
I should have remembered you work there, considering I read your blog.
... whatevs.

Miss Kim said...

Love it! Be famous please!