Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm in here

She's been one of my best friends since high school.

She's crazy creative, and you will always be jealous of her ease when it comes to creating things of beauty.

I did a post about dear Ash back in my love month.

To be completely honest. I've seen almost zilch of Ashley in the past year.

Christmas and birthdays of course.

Words here and there.

And I missed her.


We're singing at a wedding in June

And we're not leaving it at that.

We plan to play shows in local venues: Muse, Velour, etc.

Ashley has a voice of angels.

Don't worry, I can almost guarantee that we'll be "tubing" together soon.

and look, an Ashley Original Creation:  

I know that you're jealous of her skills, and the fact that I now own this little guy.

But it's alright, there's no need to be bitter.

Know why? 

Because Ashley is a giver. 

She shares.


Follow it, Love it. Be a friend.

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