Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lil' baby Sue

So I get Vlog, because that's like: Video-log?

But what is Blog?

Boring log?

Berry log?

Boorish log?

Barney log?           (that would be cool)

I don't know. Tell me?

I am in no way starting a vlog, because honestly I'm not that entertaining....

I don't really even know why I have a blog...

Well actually I do. My blog is for me. I float free.

But I have this feeling that if you're to do a vlog, it's made specifically for others to see it, right?

I just found out that K-k-k-katie has a vlog, or had... I guess.

And the videos that weren't angry-TV/white-noise sounding were entertaining.

I laughed.

But the real reason for this one, is that I felt I owed an explanation to the youtubers who actually listen to my junk.

Maybe twas a mistake?

you tell me.


Katie said...

Hahaha, I loved your video! Made my day!

And thanks for the shout outness :)

Bethany said...

Web log.
We blog.

Lauren said...

I need to get back into vlogging.

Except, I feel like my vlogging was more a music video for events that had happened as of late...