Friday, May 6, 2011


Ok so, Britney Spears.

I remember, so clearly, the day that I first heard her baby-with-its-nose-plugged voice.

I was probably seven or eight, just playing in my room, when I heard it.

Danae was in the family room playing a cd.

I hated it.

He loved it.

It was none other than Britney.

I was annoyed. I read through the lyrics of her songs and they made absolutely no sense to me.

I must say, to this day I still don't understand the fascination with this woman, I don't hate her. I don't love her. she's just kinda there. Ya know?

I admit there are a select few of her songs that I tend to enjoy, but I can count those on one hand... and maybe a foot.... ok so I haven't really taken the time to count, but there aren't that many.

This is one of them:


taryn and taylor said...

love love LOVE it!!

reille said...

First: I pretty much love you Ruth.
Second: I think you are way better than Britney Spears. And I like your version 17 times better than her version. :D